This week 1/17

We have a quiz on Thursday the 19th and no homework this week as it was a short ¬†week. I will be going to the Caroline Historical Society ¬†showroom this Saturday at 11:00-it is in Bowling Green where the Sydney King Art Center is. Feel free to meet me there for extra credit! It will only take about a half of an hour to see the displays and learn about Caroline’s history.

Welcome back!

Welcome back from Christmas break! I hope you are ready for a new start with New Nation! We will learn how our country was set up after we won the Revolutionary War. No homework this week and no homework for the month of January for those who passed (70 or above) the benchmark and no homework for February as well for those who passed with an advanced score of 88 or higher.

Google Slide Project

You will pick 2 (3 for extra credit) Colonial regions-New England, Mid-Atlantic or Southern Colonies to make a slide presentation. You must include 5 slides per region-Resources-human and natural, Geography and Climate, Specialization, Interdependence, and Social Political set up. Each slide should have the information and a picture or graphic. See the study guide on my website for the information needed.

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Last week in September!

This week USI will start explorers. We will learn why Portugal and West Africa are important to United States history and the motivations, obstacles and accomplishments of the explorers.

USI History at Caroline Middle School