This Week in History!

This is a great week to be a history teacher! On Monday we will celebrateĀ National Anthem Day the 200th anniversary of our beloved Star Spangled Banner-we wear blue to show our patriotism! The background of my website is that very flag that swelled the heart of Francis Scott Key!

On Wednesday we celebrate Constitution Day! Hurray for James Madison and his fellow authors. We have an amazing and enduring constitution! We will wear white to show our pride for our country!

Week 3 coming up!

We have had a full week of school and are on our third week together! Keep working on learning the facts and concepts as we go. Don’t try to study inĀ  one night. Check the calendar for tests and quizzes.

Don’t forget-no homework this week due to Labor Day Weekend.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year-for me the beginning of school is the New Year. January 1st has no meaning for me except to start a new diet. I am looking forward to another year at CMS.

I anticipate a great group of students who will learn about our wonderful country’s history. Join me for a journey through time to see where we came from and why we are here now.

I can’t wait to meet you!


Your first lab day!

Welcome to the computer lab. You will be going to my blog to explore what is on it. You will then finish your notebook. After your notebook is complete and checked-feel free to play the games on my website!