Welcome to Ms. Judd’s USI 2016-2017!

Welcome to my class! This year we will work together to learn how our nation began and how you can begin your journey into becoming the best you YOU can be. You are now in middle school and adolescence and adulthood are just around the corner so let’s get there with the necessary skills. This is not just a history class this is a life class, I’m not just a teacher ; I’m a believer in you. I teach every day, as well as, learn every day. I hope you will learn every day as well, not just this year, but for the rest of your life.


Our Final Test is Here!

Tuesday the 10th of May is  final United States History Final. It will cover SOLs 1-9.

Study , get a good night’s sleep and eat a great protein packed breakfast!

I know you will do well and make us all proud.

Civil War Test

Our Final Unit test is on Wednesday April 27th. This will cover issues, compromises,battles. leaders, people, places, events, documents and all the topics Civil War that we have covered.

This week!

This week we will learn about the secession of the South and the leaders of both sides-the Union and the Confederacy. We will have a quiz on Friday on the leaders and the states that were on each side.

USI History at Caroline Middle School