The USI final test is on Tuesday May 5th. It has been changed as of Monday. The students are working on a study guide they should bring home on Friday. The students need to  eat a good breakfast on Tuesday morning and get a good night’s sleep on Monday night.

SOL prep!

Every Friday until our SOL test, we will have a “mock” or fake SOL test that counts as a test grade. Make sure you are reviewing anything that you aren’t sure of. Know what you know! Study or learn what you don’t know!

Civil War Test

This is the end of the Civil War for our students. April 3rd will be the final test for the Civil War in USI. After Spring Break we begin to prepare for our final SOL on May 15th.

Civil War and homework

We are continuing on the Civil War this week. We will be learning about secession and the leaders of the Civil War. There is no homework for those who passed the benchmark until after Spring Break.