First Week

Greetings! The first week is going well-remember to sign up for Remind 101 -your child should have brought home the info. if not email me! For my class all they need is an binder-1 inch will do and crayons and index cards. I am happy to report that I am already enjoying spending time with your children.


Welcome to 6th grade-sign in on the papers by period.

I’m so happy to meet you.












There will be an SOL type test covering all SOLS in USI on this Friday and next the students have been told to bring their notebooks home to study. They are reviewing in class all this week and next week.

Big News! See rain date news on Hollywood Cemetery and update.

Our Final test date is here-our SOL is May 8th so as of today the countdown is 13 days!

Extra Credit? This Saturday at 11:00 I will be at the Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond at the President’s Circle.  If it rains -it will be postponed-this is an outdoor event! Any pictures sent of you visiting a historical sight related to our SOLs is extra credit!

Also this Sunday 2-5 there is an event at the Community Center on WWI and WWII recognizing those who fought from Caroline-extra credit for attendance!

Homework for the next three weeks will be 20 flash cards on different units.

This week of April 3rd

This week we are doing a project based assessment mandated by the Department of Education. It will measure your child’s ability to apply the knowledge they have learned about the Civil War. The assessment will go on for 3 days Monday through Wednesday. There is no homework this week because of this assessment.

Study Helps!

The study help for the test on Friday  is on and the codes are


Issues and Compromises-176685


Events- 252132

This week of 3/27

This week we have our final test on the Civil War on Friday and a different type of homework. The homework is to make 15 flashcards on the Civil War it can be on leaders, battles, compromises or issues-whatever you feel you need.

This week of February 27th is our Benchmark!

This Wednesday on March 1st is our benchmark. It will cover SOLs 1-8.Geography through Western Expansion. Study guides have been made by the students each day since Thursday and should be coming home daily. Those who pass with a 70 or above will have no homework until after Spring break!!! No homework this week-just study!

USI History at Caroline Middle School