New Week New Unit

We are going to finish up the New Nation Unit with a test on the first 5 Presidents on Tuesday the 11th of February. Then on Wednesday make sure you have your notebook and glue sticks as we are going to start a new unit! Westward Ho!!

Remember no homework for the entire month of February for those who passed the Benchmark! For those who have homework it is in the blue folder and is due on Wednesday as always.

Benchmark update

It looks as though our benchmark will be on Friday-tomorrow or this Monday.This means no more review time. So, go over your notes, and be ready! Use the games and study guides on this website to help you succeed. I also added a new game on zondle.comĀ named Documents.

Last Week

This week we will be finishing the Revolutionary War. Each section that needs to be remediated after the test on Tuesday will be done on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Make sure to bring your crayons , markers or colored pencils to class on those day to work on our comic books!