Civil War and homework

We are continuing on the Civil War this week. We will be learning about secession and the leaders of the Civil War. There is no homework for those who passed the benchmark until after Spring Break.

Welcome Back

Welcome to a new year, for the month of January all of the students who have passed my benchmark have NO homework this month! We will be exploring the very beginnings of the United States of America.

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Thanksgiving holiday is upon us. It is my favorite holiday of the year. I love the idea of a day to just be grateful, and to make it even better-we spend it with our families, and then as if that is not enough, we have the best food of the year. I am grateful to our forefathers and founders at Plymouth for beginning this tradition. Yes , yes, I know all about the Berkley Plantation being the first, but that is not what our traditional holiday is based on.

I also want to thank Sarah Hale who convinced Abraham Lincoln to give us Thanksgiving as an official holiday. I am however, though at times it will be hard to fathom, most grateful to my students and I am, believe it or not, thankful for each and every one. Happy Thanksgiving!

In the spirit of gratitude-remember-no homework this week!

Power Point Project

You will pick a Colonial Region and put in the Colonies involved (For example -New England-New Hampshire, Mass. Conn. Rhode Island,) Geography, Climate, Human Resources, Natural Resources, Specializations, interdependence and Social and Political There should be at least one picture to go with each slide.

Veteran’s Day!

Veteran’s Day is a day when we honor those who serve or have served our country in any branch of military service. The CMS History Club will have a ceremony at the Memorial Garden after school on Tuesday.

We owe so much to our veteran’s; come show us your gratitude!